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Penis Size - What men think.

When it comes to sex, probably the most common question we hear from guys is "does penis size really matter?" It seems to be a question men ask, even though deep down they're pretty sure they already know the answer. We hate to be the ones to tell you guys, but unfortunately the truth is, yes - size matters!

We hear from hundreds of guys every month who desperately want to add inches to their penis and please their lover. A big penis can provide extra pleasure for many women, and has many positive effects for men, including much higher sexual confidence.

Some studies by Masters & Johnson have revealed that as many as 84% of women wish their lover had a larger penis. Some people have jokingly added that the other 16% were just lying to make their partners feel better! Kidding aside - it is true that not every woman wants or craves their man to have a larger penis. Some men do quite well with what they have - and their partners may be quite satisfied. It's just like how large breasts aren't important to some guys - but for many men they are. The fact is that penis size is very important to many women - and here are the reasons they give as to why.


women and penis size

Why Penis Size Matters to Men

  • Increased Sexual Confidence
  • Hits G-Spot More Often
  • Better Chance of Giving Woman Orgasm
  • Feels more Manly
  • Big Penis = More Sex


Penis Size - Yes, size DOES matter.

The fact is that women seem to desire a big penis for many reasons. Some say it gives them noticeably more pleasure. Others say that just seeing a big penis is more visually stimulating and makes them more aroused for sex. Many have just never seen a truly huge penis and are thrilled with the experience of finally getting to work with a big penis.

Many men are concerned about their small penis and it can have a very debilitating effect on their entire lives. Here are some "small penis" stories we have received from men who have been affected by a small penis and the relationship problems that can follow.

This story is from Dan in Boston:

"I have a very small penis and it is causing me a lot of concern. This is the first time I have told anyone about this as I'm too embarassed to see my doctor. I have been worried about this all through my teens and have always been aware that I was small compared to other people my age.

It just hasn't grown and when it isn't erect you can't even see it through my underwear. I also have very poor control when I urinate and my penis just doesn't look right.All these things have added up and I'm really worried about it."


Jerry in Vancouver:

"I know that you don't advise surgery but I don't think I will ever come to terms with my penis size, particularly when I am not erect and you can barely see it. If I opt for surgery how much would it cost and how long does it take to recover?I also wouldn't want anyone else to know about any operation. I am aware that this isn't done on the NHS but I have worries about going to a private clinic.

I know it seems as if I'm whingeing but it really is getting me down. Any advice you can give me apart from 'live with it' would be genuinely appreciated."


Mark - England :

" I feel that I have been cursed with a small penis and it makes me less sexually confident and sometimes depressed, I think its especially a problem for me necause im black and I like black girls but the girls I know want men with big d!cks and they arent afraid to make it known, my penis is only 5 inch erect and im 19 yrs old and it just isnt normal also growing up I actually incedently saw my cousin and brothers penises and was actually shocked at the size of their penises because they were so big and compared to them I was way undersized which is how I know it cant be genetic.. sometimes I dont even want to have fun and party with girls when I know its gonna lead to sex and they will be dissapointed."




This is the big problem for a lot of men. It can destroy your sex life, ruin relationships, and lead to depression and unhappiness. While some may think small penis size is not a big deal - for the men that have a small penis it can be a very serious problem.

This is why penis size is such a touchy subject, as no guy likes to hear from his lover that his penis is too small - even if it's something he secretly suspects on his own. Hearing it from your sex partner doesn't do much in the self confidence department. Luckily there are many options a guy has to take care of this before it ever comes to hearing those dreaded words from his lover.

Penis Size. Give her something BIG to get excited about!

As you can see, the fact is that like it or not - penis size really does matter. Especially to women, and isn't that really the reason that us guys are so obsessed with penis size? The bad news is that penis size really does matter - but the really good news is that there are several options available to give you a bigger penis. Several enhancement methods exist which will dramatically and safely increase your penis length and thickness.

Just remember that this won't happen overnight. Just like with bodybuilding or losing weight, it takes time for changes to happen in the body, and results won't happen instantly. Don't be fooled by sites that tell you that you can "add 4 inches in two weeks" or other such nonsense. Real results take a bit of time, so beware of websites or products that offer "instant results".

There are several products available that will noticeably increase your penis size and erectile function, but realistically it's more likely you'll add 1-3 inches at most, and it will probably take a period of months to achieve those kinds of gains. If you'd like to enjoy the thrill of a longer, thicker penis - we encourage you to try any of the consumer top recommended products risk free today - and and start enjoying the sex life you deserve!

Male enhancement pills are an excellent option for men looking to super charge their sex drive and increase penile size. As men get older and testosterone levels begin to decline, your erections begin to become softer, sex drive begins to decrease, and your sexual performance decreases as a result. By simply taking a penis enhancement pill daily, you can increase your penis size, super charge your sex life, and increase the sexual pleasure for you and your partner.

We hope the information above has given you a better idea of why penis size should matter to men. If you wish you had a bigger penis - you're not alone! Over 90% of men say they would prefer a bigger penis - if it was possible. The great news is - penis enlargement is possible - and as you'll see throughout this site, there are many methods available that can dramatically increase your penis size and improve your sexual function and performance.


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