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When it comes to sex, few things seem to get the limelight as much as penis size. It's talked about, joked about, insinuated about and seems to be an obsession for many man (and women!). This obsession with penis size leaves many men feeling inadequate about the size of their penis, but also curious as to how they stack up against other men. Some studies indicate that over 94% of men wish they had a larger penis.

Determining what the average penis size is seems like it shouldn’t be that complicated. It’s a physical body part, you measure it, and repeat hundreds of thousands of times around the world, then take an average. Unfortunately, arriving at an accurate idea of what is an average penis size, is more complicated. Some of the problems with figuring out average penis size include:

* Is penis size considered to be the length, the girth, or both?
* When measuring penis length, where do you start?
* Is penis girth measured at the base of the penis, at the glans (head), or around the shaft?
* Are the people measured in these studies representative of the general population?
* Do all studies include measurements taken by others, or self-reported measurements (which are historically bigger than measurements reported by others)?

Different studies answer these questions differently, which makes arriving at a single average penis size very hard. Also, many researchers believe that those who are willing to participate in a study about penis size may have larger than average penises, which would also skew the results. Another factor complicating things is that fact that average penis size varies between different ethnic groups. While many jokes are made about the subject, the fact is that some races have larger penises than average, and some smaller. Observe this chart on average penis size comparisons between different ethnic backgrounds:

ethnic average penis size

As you can see, Africans have a much larger average penis size, with an average of about 7 inches. Orientals have a considerably smaller average penis size, coming in at just under 5 inches - a fairly large difference. Caucasians are somewhere in the middle, with an average penis size of just under 6 inches.

Average Penis Size - Length

Although men also care about penis girth (width), by far the biggest concern for men seems to be the length of their penis. Here is the average penis length in a chart - by percentage of men.

average penis length chart

As you can see from the graph above, approximately 65% of men have a penis size between 6 and 7.5 inches. Less than 2% of men are 8 inches or more. This should help give you and idea of where you fit in on the average penis size scale. If you are under 6 inches in length you are somewhat below average, and if you are above 7.5 inches then you would have above average penis length.

How to determine the length of your penis is also something many men aren't quite sure about. Here's how to measure your erect penis size:

The length of the penis in its erect state is what most people are primarily interested in. Again it is best to measure from the side of the penis. This method is the standardized way that researchers use to measure the "average penis size" which is incidentally between 6" and 6.5" when erect.

Firstly make sure you have a 100% erection where you would consider it the "most erect". Hold your penis below the head and place the ruler next to it with your other hand. The ruler should be slightly pressing against your pubic bone. Measure to the nearest millimeter - it is important that you do not EXAGGERATE the measurement - if anything it is recommended that you under exaggerate. Exaggeration on the measurement could lead to a lack of motivation in the future. Make sure you do the measurement right from the beginning!


The other aspect to average penis size is the width or girth of the penis. Here is the average penis girth for men, by percentage:

averge penis girth chart

As you can see from the graph above, the average penis girth is between 4 to 5 inches for about 70% of men. Approximately 60% of men have a penis girth of 4.5 to 6 inches. If you feel you'd like to add width to your penis, don't worry - there are several products or methods that can achieve this. Explore this site to find out more.

We hope the information and graphs above have given you a better idea of average penis size, and how big your penis is compared to average. If you wish you had a bigger penis - you're not alone! Over 90% of men say they wish they had a bigger penis. The good news is, as you'll see throughout this site, there are many methods available that can dramatically increase your penis length and width.

Don't be fooled by sites that tell you that you can "add 4 inches in two weeks" or other such nonsense. There are several products available that will noticeably increase your penis size and erectile function, but realistically it's more likely you'll add 1-3 inches at most, and it will probably take a period of months to achieve those kinds of gains. If you'd like to enjoy the thrill of a longer, thicker penis - we encourage you to try any of the consumer top recommended products risk free today - and and start enjoying the sex life you deserve!