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When it comes to sex, few things worry a guy more than wondering if she'll think he's too small. For a variety of reasons, our society has placed a high value of the importance of a big penis for men. While some will say that size doesn't matter, the fact is that studies reveal that 84% of women admitted wishing their lover had a bigger penis.

This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on us guys to not only have a big penis, but to perform sexually at a very high level. Many men mistakenly believe that there's nothing they can do if they have a small penis - and this is not true. While years ago that was the case - now with advancements in science and medical knowledge, many methods exist that will successfully enlarge your penis.

Now, you should know - that despite what some websites try and tell you - adding penis size will take some time and commitment on your part. Even the most potent penis enhancement capsules will take a period of months to achieve the top gains of between 1-3 inches. These kinds of penis length gains are quite possible when using the top programs. Most men are primarily concerned with penis length, and most studies and charts reflect this. Here is a penis size chart depicting the average penis length by percentage of men:

average penis size chart

As you can see, most men fall in somewhere between 6 inches and 7.5 inches in erect penis length. It's important to remember that these studies are probably not carried out in laboratories, and there could be some exaggeration among the subjects who are reporting their penis size. This is one of the many factors that makes it difficult to get a solid figure on what the average penis size really is.

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Now some of the shadier penis enlargement sites will try and tell you that their product will "add 5 inches in just a few weeks". Of course, this is totally false as even the most powerful penis enhancement capsules are more likely to add 1, 2, or at most 3 inches - and over a matter of months, not weeks!

If you'd like to see just how much size you can add to your penile length, check out this handy penis size calculator - it will give you a good idea of the results you can achieve with enhancement capsules like VigRX Plus. Keep in mind, most of the inferior penis enhancement capsules will not provide nearly as good results as the leading products like VigRX Plus. Every individual is different and your results may be better or slightly worse than indicated with the penis size calculator.


The important thing to remember is - if you don't get the results you wanted - you don't pay.

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As you can see, the results you can expect from doctor recommended enhancement capsules like VigRX Plus are quite dramatic. If you've ever wished for a larger penis - you can have it! All of the consumer-chosen recommended products we mention on this site have excellent money back guarantees if you're not thrilled with your results.

We never recommend any product that doesn't offer a rock solid money back guarantee. That's why you can order with confidence when you buy any of the recommended enhancement programs mentioned on this site. Don't waste your time with sites or products that make false claims or don't fully stand behind their products. Check out the reviews below to see a small sample of satisfied men who've enjoyed the benefits of proven male enhancement products.

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Tom Wilkinson - USA
Product - VigRX Plus®
Things had been pretty bad in the bedroom for a few years and I knew my girlfriend was getting bored. I tried VigRX Plus for a few different reasons and the results have been absolutely fantastic! My erections are longer and much harder. The orgasms are way more intense and the bonus is that VigRX Plus has totally helped with my occasional premature ejaculation. Thanks for the recommendation!

Wade Hoppe - Canada
Product - Vimax®
I've always felt I was a little under-sized and finally I was fed up with it. I had no confidence with picking up girls due to my "short-comings". After 4 months using Vimax pills the difference is quite dramatic. I've gained over 2 inches in length and just under 1 inch in girth. I'll definitely be sticking with Vimax for some time.

Guy Effler - Victoria BC
Product - Extenze®
A colleague from work told me about Extenze and he couldn't say enough about it. I acted like it was no big deal, but I couldn't wait to give it a try. I was a little skeptical about it, but my fears were unfounded. Extenze has definitely delivered as promised - and more! I didn't tell my friend I bought Extenze too, I think it'll be my little secret!.

Mark Honour - UK
Product - Prosolution Pills ®
I have suffered with erection problems for years and I'm a bit overweight as well. I tried some Viagra I bought online, but the side effects were horrible. It was actually my doctor that recommended Prosolution Pills and I'm so glad I finally went to see him about it. Getting erections is much easier, and they are very hard as well. My erections are actually longer as well, which I wasn't expecting - but I'm not complaining!

Randall Caldwell
Product - VigRX Plus®
I have only been using for 3 weeks. I see a big difference already in length. But the amazing thing is the girth size increase. My erection is so much bigger and harder than before! Before, after sex I would pull out and be small and soft, but now after my wife has 3-4 orgasms, she says I wear her out! After I pull out I am still rock hard and ready for more. Never done that before.

Helmut Neldner - Germany
Product - SizeGenetics®
I bought the SizeGenetics device after seeing a news story about it on the BBC. There were several studies which proved these devices work, as long as you use them properly. I was a bit worried it would be uncomfortable but that's not the case at all. It's very comfortable and I've already gained more than an 1.5 inches. I'm sure glad I was watching TV that day!

Sam Coll - Victoria, Canada
Product - Semenax®
I was actually reading reviews for a different product on your site that I had been receiving spam for. I stumbled upon the Semenax review and was very intrigued. I have always had a pretty small semen load, but now that I'm older it's nothing more than a dribble. I've been using Semenax for over 2 months now and my load size has increased dramatically. My girlfriend commented about it last week so I finally fessed up! Thanks for all the great tips and extra thanks to Semenax!

Johan V - Sweden
Product - VigRX Plus®
After the first day of using your capsules I noticed that the erection of my penis was much firmer and lasted longer. Now after one month I can say that the length of my erection increased significantly and that the thickness increased as well. My wife is also very enthusiastic about the change and encourages me to go on. In the past I could reach only one ejaculation a night, now I can ejaculate two or even three times. After the ejaculation the next erection is coming up very quickly. I would recommend your product even to persons who already have a big penis.


penis size bannerThese reviews are all from men like you who wanted to increase their penis size and take their sexual performance to the next level. They now realize they didn't need to spend years with a small penis or erectile problems when solutions were right there the whole time.


It's important to remember that like everything else, when it comes to male enhancement - there are very good products and there are "not so good" products, and sometimes it's hard to know which way to turn. Our goal is to give men honest and straight forward information to make sure you only spend your money on products that work.


We encourage you to learn more about these proven male enhancement methods and join the millions of men around the world who've enjoyed tremendous improvement in their lives and sexual relationships. Take action today and start enjoying better sex tomorrow and for the rest of your life!