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When it comes to sex, few things worry a guy more than wondering if she'll think he's too small. For a variety of reasons, our society has placed a high value of the importance of a big penis for men. While some will say that size doesn't matter, the fact is that in studies when allowed to speak freely - 84% of women admitted wishing their lover had a bigger penis.

The fact is that aside from being visually arousing, a large penis hits more nerve endings inside the woman and results in increased pleasure and enjoyment. A big penis makes a woman feel "filled up" and touches places that a smaller penis just doesn't reach. This is just one reason that a big penis seems so important, and probably the main reason that up to 94% of men admit they would want a bigger penis if they could have one.

This focus on a big penis leaves many men wondering just how big an "average penis size" is. This can be a bit complicated, as you also have to decide if you're talking about penis girth (width) or penis length. Most men are more concerned with penis length, and most studies and charts reflect this. Here is a penis size chart depicting the average penis length by percentage of men:

ethnic average penis size

As you can see, most men fall in somewhere between 6 inches and 7.5 inches in erect penis length. It's important to remember that these studies are probably not carried out in laboratories, and there could be some exaggeration among the subjects who are reporting their penis size. This is one of the many factors that makes it difficult to get a solid figure on what the average penis size really is.

Average Penis Size - Girth

The other aspect to average penis size is the width or girth of the penis. Measuring penis girth is somewhat the same as the circumference of a circle. However, there are two different things to consider when measuring penis girth and that is the "flaccid" penis girth and the "erect" penis girth. Most men would be more concerned with their erect penis girth. Here is the average penis girth for men, by percentage:

averge penis girth chart

As you can see from the graph above, the average penis girth is between 4 to 5 inches for about 70% of men. Approximately 60% of men have a penis girth of 4.5 to 6 inches. If you feel you'd like to add width to your penis, don't worry - there are several products or methods that can achieve this. Explore this site to find out more.

Here are the methods for measuring each of the two penis girth categories. First we'll look at how to measure Flaccid Penis Girth:

The girth can be extremely awkward to measure because many people have different girth measurements depending on which part of the penis shaft that you measure. The standardized way is to measure in the center of the penis shaft. While flaccid hold your penis out in front of you and wrap a tape measure around your penis. Do not pull the tape measure too hard - pull it to a reasonable level and remember this LEVEL of tightness for the next time you measure. The average flaccid length of girth is between 4" and 5".

And here's how to measure Erect Penis Girth:

Make sure that your penis is 100% erect and then proceed with the measuring. Hold your penis out in front of you so it is parallel with the floor. With your other hand place the tape measure around the penis making sure not to pull too tight. Again, pull it to a reasonable level and remember this LEVEL of tightness for the next time you measure. The average erect girth is 5" to 5.5" according to recent surveys conducted.




Here is a penis size chart that shows average penis lengths in a fairly simple graph to see where most guy fit in:


penis size chart


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