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Thanks for visiting our free Sex Tips resource section. We constantly update this section with new articles on sex tips for men and sexual enhancement information of interest to our readers. With the success of penile and sexual performance enhancers over the last decade, more and more men are choosing to take their sexual performance to a higher level, increase penis size, and maximize their sexual enjoyment.




Sex Tips for Men - What every guy should know.

Let's face it - for most guys, sex is a pretty huge part of our lives. Unfortunately for a lot of us, it doesn't happen as often as we would like - and when it does happen, often it's over much sooner that we would like it to be. We've put together a list of valuable sex tips for men. These sex tips are intended to help men attain a better sex life in a variety of ways. You'll learn valuable tips and techniques to learn what every guys wants to know:

  • How to elevate your sexual performance
  • Find out how to have better sex that lasts longer
  • Enjoy harder, stronger erections on demand
  • Learn how to find her G-spot
  • Secret things she doesn't want you to know
  • Enjoy bigger semen loads and get more oral sex


When it comes to sex, there's a lot to know and often it can be almost overwhelming to most guys. Sometimes guys are so busy trying to please their partner and last long enough to give her an orgasm, that it makes it pretty hard to enjoy the sex ourselves. Luckily there are many tips and secrets to getting more sex - more often. Check back often as we are continually adding new sex tips for men, but for now - here's a few tips that should provide quick results in the bedroom.


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Top Sex Tips for Men.

1) Help your body out.

Frankly, we can't figure out why any guy wouldn't take sexual enhancement supplements considering the wide variety of excellent products available. Think about it - bodybuilders, athletes, and pretty much anybody that cares about their body takes vitamins and supplements in order for their body to operate at peak capacity. Why wouldn't you do the same for the part(s) of your body that matter most?

There are many, many, high quality sexual enhancers to help with everything from erectile function, orgasm intensity, semen production, premature ejaculation, and penile length and girth. The reason that millions of men order these sexual enhancers every year is simple - they help men perform better and enjoy better sex, and get sex more often. If you're not taking a doctor-approved sexual enhancement supplement - you're missing out on a big advantage - and needlessly avoiding the huge benefits provided by these potent sexual enhancers.


2) Take your time.

Some guys don't seem to realize that sex is not a 'race' and there's no prize for finishing first. To heighten and intensify sex for both of you - make sure to take your time. Don’t rush into sex and focus attention immediately on the genitalia. Take it slowly. Learn to massage. This can easily shade into great foreplay, especially if your partner is tired or stressed. Use plenty of lubrication. Make certain that your partner knows how attractive you find her by paying as much attention to kissing her, complimenting her, and generally spoiling her. Don’t neglect the breasts and other erogenous zones.

Women are slow burners. They take longer to become aroused and get as much pleasure, if not more, out of tenderness, kissing and cuddling. Though quickie sex has its place, for women on the whole, the longer sex takes, the better it feels. If arousal is allowed to build gradually, it floods the whole body rather than being confined to the genital area and a delayed orgasm is infinitely more powerful than an orgasm induced by five minutes of digital manipulation.


3) Take care of yourself. (No - not like that!)

This tip includes many things - including eating well, getting plenty of sleep, and exercise. Not only will these things help your body feel and perform better during sex, but you'll feel better the rest of the time as well. And guys - for heaven's sake remember that a little body hygiene goes a long way. Teeth are as important as the groin and armpits. Don’t forget to brush them after your shower. A little deodorant or cologne (don't overdo it) can stimulate her senses and help get her in the mood. When kissing a girl, or even sitting close to her, she won’t want to smell your bad breath or notice salad between your teeth any more than she’ll want to smell yesterday’s sweat.


4) Take it easy on the booze.

While we all enjoy the occasional cocktail, alcohol is not renowned for it's positive effect on sexual performance or erectile function. While one or two drinks may help reduce the tension and help set the mood, any more than that and you run the risk of a multitude of problems. Be careful with drink. We all know drinking increases a man’s desire but decreases his ability, but not everyone realizes it also affects a woman’s sexual response. More than two or three drinks and some women may be loving but physiologically limited.

While alcohol may make you feel more socially confident, and in small quantities may facilitate more socializing and sexual communication - In large amounts alcohol makes sex difficult to impossible. In moderate amounts alcohol can have an impact on engaging in risky sexual behavior, this can lead to several problems including unwanted pregnancies and transmittal of STD's. As drinking increases both men and women will experience a reduction in sexual arousal, men may have difficulty getting erections, and both men and women may have difficulty experiencing orgasm.


5) Oral sex - it's fun for her too.

While we've yet to meet the guy that doesn't love receiving oral sex, not all men are crazy about giving it. Some guys absolutely love going down on their girl, and some guys - not so much. This can be true for a variety of reasons. Some men aren't crazy about the smell. Others just find it intimidating as they're not sure if they're doing it right and their partner is enjoying it. The best advice is to just relax - take your time, explore, and have fun. Most girls are self-conscious during sex, so it's important for her to know that you're enjoying what you're doing and you're not grossed out.

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It's hard to do it wrong when you're performing oral sex on your woman. Move your tongue around, explore, nibble - whatever she reacts positively to must be working. Try humming while you go down on her. There's a reason vibrators are so popular: Anything that shakes, rattles, or rolls primes a passel of nerves for peak sensation. Any time you touch the skin with something vibrating, you transmit sensation to a wider area than you would through simple stroking. So you're activating twice the nerves with half the work. Top it off with a direct touch at the right time and to just the right place -- in this case the clitoris -- and you'll probably send her over the edge.


6) Tell her she's sexy.

Some girls like the dirty talk during sex, and some don't. But we don't know of any woman that doesn't like being told how sexy or beautiful she is during love-making. All women love being complimented and there's probably no better time than during sex. Many women feel self-conscious about their body and no more so than when they're completely naked and vulnerable. Many women are like this even with partners they've had for several years. During sex, if you tell her how sexy her body is, and the parts of her body that drive you wild, it will not only boost her arousal and enjoyment, but yours too.


7) Find her G-spot.

One crucial sex tip for men is to try and educate yourself about the mysterious female G-spot. Some guys are completely baffled about the G-Spot - and some men know it well - and know how the proper stimulation of the G-Spot can drive a woman wild. G-spot stimulation can give a woman a huge orgasm. It is usually located in the front section of the vaginal wall between her vaginal opening and the cervix. Use a finger to stroke the front portion of the vagina and during intercourse the best way to stimulate her G-spot is insertion of the penis from the back. If the G-spot and clitoris are simulated simultaneously the women is likely to have an incredible orgasm that she is unlikely to forget.

Here are some helpful tips on how to find her G-Spot:

  • It's important that she's very wet before you try and find her G spot location. As such, you need to engage in some heavy foreplay to ensure that she's wet and wanting. When this is achieved, ask her to lie down on her back and prop her buttocks with some pillows so that part of her is a bit elevated for easier access.
  • Draw her knees up and put her at ease by engaging in oral sex first. When she's good and ready, you can then try to insert your finger into her. Make sure your palm is facing up so that when you curve your finger, it's not facing her vaginal wall.
  • Find an area that feels like the roof of your mouth. It should be a bit spongy, rough and ridged. Although the exact G spot location is not the same for all women, it should be about 1.5 to 3 inches within her vaginal wall.
  • Once you find the G spot, you can pretty much treat it like her clitoris and stimulate it as such. For added sexual delirium, you can use your thumb to stimulate her clitoris or even perform oral sex on her while your finger continues its sexual assault on her G spot.


8) Get to know her clitoris - well.

female orgasmWhen it comes to digital penetration, most guys seem to revert back to their junior high technique of fingering a girl. This usually involves inserting your middle or index finger, and trying to go as deep as you can with the same repetitive movement. The fact is that women get much more stimulation and pleasure from the clitoris, and most men neglect this part during all aspects. During foreplay when you're both exploring each other, or involved in "heavy petting', is an important time to spend some effort on your woman's most important genitalia part.

What most women want in a good lover is someone who really knows their way around the clitoris. Make no mistake about it, the clitoris is a woman’s gateway to sexual pleasure. Treat her clitoris well and you can count on being invited in and invited back again and again. Stimulate her clitoris with your fingers by gently fondling the area. Remember the sensory nerve fibers have the highest concentration around the clitoris followed by the labia, and the outer third of the vagina.

As with meeting any new friend, your hands are the first things to introduce to her clitoris. Be sure to mix it up by varying not only what part of your hands you use, but also the pressure and speed, and pay close attention to her breathing and body language. Feel free to ask her specific questions (for instance, does she likes it faster or slower?) and be sure to use a gentle lubricant to keep things moving slickly. The most important thing to remember when loving her clitoris is to start slowly and build up the anticipation. No two women are exactly alike, so the key is to pay attention to her body language and to trust your instincts as you create a specialized technique.


9) Know what she likes.

And by "know" we mean find out what she likes before you try it. All women have different likes and dislikes, and pushing the wrong buttons might just be putting yourself on the fast-track to no sex. Two of the big ones are to know how your partner feels about oral and especially anal sex before you make a play in that area.

Some women are turned on by the idea of anal stimulation, while others find it disgusting. Before you know which kind of woman the one you’re in bed with is, do not go anywhere near her rear entry. Unexpected anal penetration is pretty much guaranteed to scare her in bed. Even getting too close to the general area with your fingers, your tongue, or a toy can be enough to freak out some women. Get an idea of her views on the act before you try anything anal.


10) Keep at it.

Women love it when they know you're working hard at trying to please them, and when you care about their enjoyment and pleasure as much as your own. The female body is a complicated, mysterious creation and it can take some time to really get to know it. Keep exploring, touching, and working to understand and get to know her body.

The more you get to know and understand her body, the more pleasure you'll be able to give her. Pay close attention to her body language, breathing, and reaction to what you're doing - it should be pretty easy to figure out what's working and what's not. If in doubt - ask her! There's nothing wrong with asking if she's enjoying a certain maneuver, and it shows that you care and you're trying to please her.





Better Sex for you and her.


We hope these sex tips for men will help you in your quest to better sex and more pleasure. We know that if you follow these tips you'll enjoy better sex more often - and find more pleasure for you and her.

There are many sexual enhancement products available that have been scientifically formulated to improve men's sexual function in several ways. You can easily and safely enjoy increased stamina, longer, harder erections, more intense orgasms, powerful ejaculations, and bigger semen loads.

We encourage you to learn more about these consumer top-rated male enhancers as a means to elevating your sexual performance. We think the sex tips for men listed above will go a long way to improving your sexual knowledge, enjoyment, and pleasure. We are continually adding new sex tips for men, so check back often to take your sexual performance and love-making skills to the highest possible level. She'll thank you - again and again!


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