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Thanks for visiting our free Sex Tips resource section. We constantly update this section with new articles on sex tips for women, sex tips for men - and sexual enhancement information of interest to our readers. With the success of male and female sexual enhancers over the last decade, more and more lovers are choosing to take their sexual passion, pleasure and enjoyment to a new level. We hope you find these sex tips for women helpful in spicing up your sex life and increasing the pleasure for both you and your partner.




Sex Tips for Women - What every woman needs to know.

Let's face it - sex is an important part of our lives for both men and women. A good sex life is a huge part of a happy, healthy relationship. A bad sex life leads to feelings of resentment, unhappiness, and anger. One of the keys to a happy relationship starts in the bedroom and we wanted to present some sex tips for women that are sure to keep your relationship sizzling. You'll learn valuable tips and techniques to learn what every guys wants his lover to know:

  • Oral sex - what he really thinks
  • Find out how to have better sex that lasts longer
  • Enjoy more pleasure and passion
  • Learn what scares him in bed
  • Secret things he doesn't want you to know
  • Multiple orgasms - for you and him


When it comes to sex, there's a lot of variables, and sometimes women feel like they're getting the short end of the stick (no pun intended!) Despite all the anticipation, sometimes due to male performance "issues" the sex is over before it really began. We've included some sex tips for women that should make him go crazy, and add more pleasure for you too. Check back often as we are continually adding new sex tips for women, but for now - here's a few tips that should provide quick results in the bedroom.


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Top Sex Tips for Women.

1) Help your body out.

Men have been using sexual enhancement supplements for years, and with recent developments of successful products for female enhancement, now women can too. Frankly, we can't figure out why any woman wouldn't take sexual enhancement supplements considering the wide variety of excellent products available. Female sexual enhancement products like Provestra, Vigorelle, and Hersolution are clinically proven to increase female libido and heighten sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

There are many, many, high quality female sexual enhancers to help with everything from low female libido, lubrication problems, and inability to achieve orgasm. If you're not taking a medically-approved sexual enhancement supplement - it's something you definitely might want to consider, as these products can have a profound effect on your desire, sexual pleasure, and enjoyment.


2) Be proud of your body.

Nothing confounds a guy more than a beautiful girl who's ashamed of her body. Ladies - we know you have a tendency to be shy and self-conscious, but it's time to turn ON the lights. We guys can't understand a woman who wants to leave her shirt on (or turn the lights off) to hide her body - especially if we've been dating/living together/married for years! Guys find it sexy to admire their woman's body and love seeing you naked. Time to lose the shyness and start loving your body as much as we do!

Women sure can be charming by the way they present themselves and also by the way they dress up. But, men like women who are also great in bed. Men like women who take the initiative and are confident in their sexual actions. Men like women who give them complete pleasure and satisfaction at the end of the sexual act and they themselves should feel satisfied with their partners.


3) Initiate sex.

This tip may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how often we hear about it from guys. Many men say their partner hasn't initiated sex in YEARS, and that if they didn't initiate sex - it would never happen. We don't expect you to initiate sex every single time, but once every while would be a nice touch. Guys like to feel sexy and wanted too - having you initiate sex, especially when we're not expecting it - is a HUGE turn on, and makes us feel good about our sex appeal to you.


4) Oral sex - we really like it.

Okay, this one probably seems obvious too. But we can't stress this one enough. Guys love getting oral sex and most guys admit they don't get it as often as they would like to. Having a woman perform oral sex is extremely erotic in so many ways and provides sensations that don't normally occur during intercourse. Of course, we always feel that guys should return the favor - but please, ladies - an extra BJ here or there will drive your guy wild and make him eternally grateful.

Now here's the only catch. We love receiving oral sex, but the key thing is you have to act like you like it too.We all know that sex and orgasms are 90% mental, even for men, so your mind set and the impression you give your boyfriend must be, "I love your penis and I love giving you head." Seems simple enough, but this first step is usually the downfall of most women. If you give the impression that giving oral sex is a chore, a favor, or in some way not pleasurable for you, it takes so much away from the experience. If he thinks, "She wants me in her mouth," you've got him. This is where he has to be mentally, and you have to get him there, no matter how much you have to act - and hopefully you don't have to act.


5) Oral sex - the 'finale'.

Okay ladies, here it is. I know some of you won't like me for saying this, but it's the truth - so here goes. When it comes to giving oral sex - the finale is very important. Some women are fine with swallowing, and some - not so much. But the fact is, swallowing is really important. It is so erotic for a guy to ejaculate in a woman's mouth -- it takes the experience to a completely new level. No making faces, no saying "yuck" (remember step one). If you just cannot do it, then a reasonable alternative is to allow the guy to ejaculate on your body, somewhere. That can be just as erotic. Having to stop and pull out right at the moment of climax certainly detracts from the experience and pleasure, for most guys. As we heard one woman say (and we can't agree more) "If you're not going to swallow then you might as well just leave the room. Well said.


6) Performance anxiety.

male performance anxiety

A lot of women may find this to be a surprise, but many guys suffer from performance anxiety before, during, and after sex. We've got a lot on the burner with having to worry about several aspects of our sexual performance including (but not limited to) penis size, ejaculating too soon, erection problems, and inability to give you an orgasm. Many guys are so worried about all these issues, and pleasing their partner - that it makes it extremely hard to enjoy the sexual experience for themselves.

Many men have problems with premature ejaculation which can make the sexual experience very unsatisfying for both parties. One way to alleviate this is to start off the sex with a quick session of oral sex or hand stimulation to stimulate a quick climax for the man. Then you can commence a nice long session with foreplay, heavy petting, and finally sexual intercourse which is sure to last much longer after the first "situation" is taken care of. This method will usually result in the man lasting significantly longer, which improves the probability of the woman achieving orgasms - and he won't be nearly as anxious about his performance.


7) What he doesn't want you to know.

Okay, well he MIGHT want you to know - it might be more a case of he doesn't want to have to tell you. But the fact is a large number of guys also enjoy some anal stimulation during foreplay and sex. That's not to say every guy does, or that he's looking to be violated by a cucumber or anything, but many guys enjoy a little attention to that area but are afraid to talk about it.

Lots of men also enjoy having their testicles fondled, licked, and sucked. And most respond to gentle pressure on the area between the testes and the anus. You can give your lover a stronger orgasm by pressing that point gently with a finger or thumb as he is ejaculating. You might need to do a little exploring and adventuring to find out if your lover likes a little anal "attention", but he's sure to let you know quite quickly. Why not take it up a notch and try something a little naughty that surprises both of you?


8) Tell him what you like.

female orgasmMost men when questioned usually say that one of their biggest complaints is that their woman doesn't tell him what she does or doesn't like. Most guys find the female body to be an amazing but complicated mystery, and it can be very intimidating when it comes to sex and pleasuring you.

Everyone has unique fantasies, tastes and preferences when it comes to sex. From earlobes to ankles, hairline to hips, pirates to picnics, don’t be afraid to talk about them. If you and your partner know about each other’s turn-ons, you can make the most of them.

If you're wondering what he really loves in bed - ask him! And if there's something you'd like done differently, gently guide him to what you want and you'll both be happier. Good communication and trust is the cornerstone of a good sex life. You should feel confident to share your fantasies and likes and dislikes with the person you're having sex with.


9) Have more sex.

In an AskMen survey of almost 2000 men, 56% of men rated their sex life with a grade of "C" or worse. This means that only 44% of men gave their sex life a rating of "good" or "very good". This means that there are a lot of sexually frustrated men and probably a lot of unhappy relationships out there as well. One of men's biggest complaints centers on the frequency of sex - or lack of it. We all know there are many reasons why women might not be interested in sex. These include being busy with work, family, kids, chores, and a million other things. Some women just don't desire sex for a multitude of reasons - both physical and mental. This is one area where we strongly recommend a female sexual enhancer - their main focus is on raising female libido and increasing the desire for sex.

However we all know that a happy sex life is a major factor in a successful relationship, so we all owe it to ourselves to try and make more time for good sex. If you find sex just never seems to happen because you're both too tired or busy, it might be necessary to introduce a "date" or "sex" night where you make a point of finding intimate time. While some people may find it silly that they now have to "schedule" sex - most couples report that this works quite well, and quickly becomes a ritual that they look forward to and enjoy. Let's be honest - in today's "busy world" we have to schedule almost everything else in our lives - isn't sex important enough to schedule too? We certainly think so!

10) Keep at it.

Some women don't understand that in actual fact, sex is about more than just "the act" for men, too. Although we enjoy the physical release, sex is also important for the man to feel his partner cares about him, and is sexually aroused by him. We like to feel needed and sexy too! Men like sex for many reasons, but probably the biggest one is that it makes us feel connected to you in a sensual, sexy way - and makes us feel that we are still attractive to you in a romantic sense.

The more you get to know and understand his body, the more pleasure you'll be able to give him - and receive yourself. Pay close attention to her body language, breathing, and reaction to what you're doing - it should be pretty easy to figure out what's working and what's not. If in doubt - ask him! He'll love you for it.





Better Sex for you and him.


We hope these sex tips for women will help you in your quest to achieve better sex and more pleasure. We know that if you follow these tips you'll enjoy better sex more often - and find more pleasure for you and him.

There are many sexual enhancement products available that have been scientifically formulated to improve women's sexual function in several ways. You can easily and safely increase female libido, heighten desire, and bring more passion and pleasure to your sex life. You can also spice things up by surprising your lover with a sexual enhancer for him to try as well. Check out the link below for top rated male enhancement products that are sure to improve his sexual performance and enjoyment.

We encourage you to learn more about medically approved sexual supplements as a means to elevating your sexual pleasure and enjoyment. We think the sex tips for women listed above will go a long way to improving your sexual knowledge, enjoyment, pleasure, and relationship with your partner. We are continually adding new sex tips for women and men, so check back often to take your sexual performance and love-making skills to the highest possible level. He'll thank you - again and again!


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